The Northern Cays of Cuba

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In the north of the center of the island you have a string of islands with great beaches. In the 90ies several roads were built straight through the sea connecting the mainland with the the islands Cayo Las Brujas, Cayo Coco and Cayo Cruz. Bridges connect to the other islands like Cayo Ensenachos, Cayo Santa Maria, Cayo Guillermo and Cayo Paredon. These roads were built with a lot of care and consideration to the environmental consequences, learned from other roads built in the Caribbean. The roads consist of a series of bridges so the natural current of the sea isn’t interrupted and fish and other sea species can continue to circulate in their natural habitat.

The islands are historically uninhabited and apart from hotels built along the white sand beaches no other presence of human settlement is allowed. The result is that the natural surroundings are intact, beaches remain pristine and at the same time comfortable luxury hotels are offering their services. You find here top international brand hotels like Melía, Paradisus, Iberostar and many more. Most hotels are of the all-inclusive system and quite big. But there are also smaller hotels and even on bed and breakfast basis. There are marinas, dolphin centers, night venues and even shopping centers. Santa Maria beach and Playa Pilar in Cayo Guillermo are rated by some amongst the best beaches in the world.
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Beaches and the Sea

Some stretches of beach are quite known like the one in Cayo las Brujas, the beach Los Delfines and Las Gaviotas in Cayo Santa Maria, Playa Las Coloradas and Playa Flamenco in Cayo Coco, Playa Pilar in Cayo Guillermo. Almost everywhere the dunes are kept intact and form a natural protection with its own green flora. In front of the beach you have reefs in the sea and tropical fish abound. You can go snorkeling and, in most places, will find a pristine underwater world.


On Cayo Ensenachos and Cayo Coco there are dolphin centers. The animals live here in an enclosed area but in the natural water of the sea. Visitors can interact with them in the water and enjoy a show. Scientific research is also conducted in the center.

Venture down to the mainland

Cayo Santa Maria is linked by road to mainland Cuba and it can be a base to discover the provincial center of Cuba. The first town to cross arriving on the main island is Remedios, a surprising colonial town. You can continue to Santa Clara with the mausoleum and history of Che Guevara. A bit more takes you to treasures of the south like Trinidad and Cienfuegos. You can drive out 5 hours to Havana as well. From Cayo Coco you can go down to the rural area around Moron. From there you Can reach Trinidad as well. From Cayo Cruz you can take the road to the main land and easily get to the city Camaguey.
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Northern Cays Experiences

Beaches and nature
Cayo Santa Maria is called the “White Rose” of the Jardines del Rey, the island group in the north of Cuba. The beaches have pure white sand, the Atlantic Ocean gives a constant warm breeze, and in the back are dunes with protective vegetation. In Cayo Coco you have a nature park called “Bagá”. It is great for some hiking trails and lots of bird watching. The islands of Cayo Cruz and Cayo Paredon are almost complete nature parks with wild animals running freely.

Enjoying the all-inclusive
Most people that come to the keys just come to enjoy all-inclusive beach luxury. You find here the best and most recent 5 stars hotels in Cuba. Drinks and food are included in the package as well as entertainment, animation, resort fees. It is the perfect getaway to be for a week or so in beautiful natural sea and beach surroundings, and enjoy luxury without thinking about the extra cost. You have hotels focused on adults only or on families, from the highest luxury down to the more cost conscious. Most are all-inclusive but you have also now a few on only breakfast-included.

Cruising on the sea
Take a day out to sea from Cayo Las Brujas marina. You will go snorkeling at one of the reefs in front of the coast and see colorful tropical fish. You will have an interaction with the dolphins in the local marine center. You’ll have lobster for lunch and all day drinks included.

Jeep Safari Adventure
Enjoy a true nature adventure in self-drive jeeps that take you to mainland Cuba. You’ll have an encounter with the Cuban countryside.
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